Chipotle Salsa

Choose from 3 Flavours and heat ranging from Mildest 2 Wildest.

Chips & Salsa not much to say other then I created something that I can enjoy until the jar is empty without getting a tummy ache. Why you ask? Simply because we did not add salt, sugar or preservatives and without any ingredients you cannot pronounce. It's like Mexican food; clean, fresh & delicious.


Chipotle Salsa: Mild (500ml bottle) 12 bottles per case

This Salsa is supper tasty, mild & friendly for those who want to avoid the extra spice. Great for snacking, topping your favourite food, nachos, burritos...


***All of our sauces are made naturally, meaning exactly that without the use of preservatives whatsoever, as well as vegan, no sodium, no sugar, gluten-free and peanut-free.

$8.00 CAD