No.7 Mexican Hot Sauce

Blending a Mexican tradition here in Canada.” Sandra and Carlos Flores a husband and wife team, officially launched the No.7 Mexican Hot Sauce brand in March of 2013 in the Junction Triangle, a neighbourhood in the west end of Toronto with only 1 flavour.

Now with 9 official hot sauces available across Canada, 3 Salsas, BBQ Sauce, Spicy Ketchup & a Jalapeno Relish.

No.7 products are made in Canada, all Natural, Vegan, Peanut & Gluten Free, No added Salt or Sugar. Where the blending a mexican tradition is now.



What to use No 7 with: 

  • you can top your favourite meals
  • marinade meat or veggies
  • spice up any recipe ( sweet or savoury)
  • add to any condiment
  • make your own spicy salad dressing by simply adding olive oil of your choice
  • add to ready made salsas and guacamole



Top No 7:

  • pastas ( cold or hot )
  • salads (potato, pasta, veggie, seafood, antipasto, salsas, guacamole)
  • seafood/fish (especially oysters and ceviche)
  • meat ( ribs, chicken wings, beef, perfect on pork)
  • snacks (popcorn, tortilla chips, nuts)
  • eggs (frittatas, poached, omelettes)
  • drinks (cocktails and martini)
  • rice (paella, risotto, fried rice)
  • tofu bread (bruschetta, crostini, sandwiches)
  • Mexican Night (tacos, burritos, nachos, quesadillas)